Okahu Bay SKISL


On the water (OTW) for 8am, then until 10am or so

Based on the established SKISL (sea kayakers inspired to stretch their limits) model encouraged by Deb Volturno, and now in Orewa, Tauranga and Wellington.
A group of paddlers keen to get together to practice skills, learn new ones, teach new members and generally get confident in and out of the water to build a strong skill base.
Advance individual skills and keep paddlers safer, and able to explore further.
Not taught as a class, but a member-led session guided by more experienced paddlers.
Identify potential instructors and trip leaders, evaluate skills of new people for joining ACC trips and other activities.
Skills to consider
Rescues and re-entries of all kinds, assisted and individual. Introduction to these for those without formal instruction. Potential scenarios from trips. Paddling strokes and boat manoeuvring. Rolling and associated skills. Greenland skills. Surf zone acclimatisation, or even catching waves (at Orewa). Moving water (Tamaki Dr bridge), harbour tides. Wider discussion of navigation, paddling conditions, wind, waves, current, boat traffic. Boat fit-out, selection, exchange.
BASK version https://www.sporty.co.nz/bayseakayak/Training-Days/SKISL-2nd-Sunday-each-month
Orewa version https://www.facebook.com/groups/780626002105061

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