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Kayak hire

The club runs a hire fleet so members can try different boats before they buy their own, and to help new members get started. It’s not a commercial activity.

Only members are entitled to hire. However, members can bring along family or mates who may be interested in paddling and perhaps joining the club. In this case, the hiring member must paddle with their guests and is responsible that the club’s Conditions for Hire (below) are met.

The fleet includes two Beachcombers, an Enigma and a Stratos (all single kayaks), plus a Barracuda double kayak. These are available once the club has confidence that the hirer has the skills and experience to paddle safely.

Kayak hire includes spray decks, buoyancy aids and paddles. Hirers are responsible for any loss or damage other than from fire or theft at the shed.

To book, please first select the kayak you wish to hire. Then, please select the hire date from the calendar and follow the prompts in the booking form. The reservation is not complete until payment has been made online. If you need to cancel a booking, please email Storage. Lastly, please note, that you can no longer just go to the lock-up and take out a boat that’s in. You will always have to check online if the kayak has been booked already! When you get to the boat shed, please also fill in the register, on the little desk to the right, confirming your details and stating where you are intending to paddle to. Please sign out when you’ve returned! Thank you.

New Members can only hire club kayaks once they have had a discussion with the storage officer – and possibly a trial paddle. We’ll need to understand our new members’ level of experience and skill, before we can agree to them hiring boats. That is to keep everyone safe!


Select your preferred date to find available canoes.

TIP: To hire multiple canoes, you’ll need to book and pay for each one separately.

Conditions for hire

1. You must be an Auckland Canoe Club member to hire kayaks from the club’s fleet.

2. You must book the kayak and pay in advance.

3. Kayaks are hired at your own risk, and Auckland Canoe Club does not accept any liability for injury or other harm arising from the use of the hire kayak.

4. You must be confident you are capable of safely paddling the kayak in the weather and sea conditions at the time.

5. You must wear an approved personal flotation device and have any other safety equipment required by the conditions at the time (e.g. adequate clothing to avoid hypothermia or a large lens torch light if paddling at dawn or dusk).

6. You are personally responsible to the Auckland Canoe Club for any damage to a kayak you have hired (other than fair wear and tear).

7. If you want to hire a kayak for a family member or friend, you must paddle with that person and are responsible for the person’s safety and for the safe return of the kayak.

8. You must notify the storage officer by email of any fault, damage or defect of a hire kayaks when returning the kayak.

9. You must use the fleet kayaks in a manner that does not damage them. Please launch from the water, not from sitting on the boat ramp, avoid dragging boats on the ground, and take care around rocks and other hazards.

10. When you return to the storage shed, wash the kayak down inside and out (leaving the hatches open to dry). Sponge out all remaining water from the cockpit. Wash down spray decks and life jackets and hang them up to dry.

Looking after gear

  • Do not drag club boats along the ramp or other hard surface – please carry them. Ask another member to help if you cannot carry the boat by yourself. Dragging the kayak will wear it out and cost the club to repair or replace it.
  • Do not do launch fully or partially from the ramp (Seal launch) as this will also wear the hull out.
  • Wash down all gear with fresh water after use. A hose for washing down kayaks is on the right side of the shed (looking in). After using the hose, please hang it back up in long loops almost touching the ground rather than tight curls as these are difficult to unwind.
  • Ensure you hang the buoyancy aids and spray decks on the pegs provided so they can dry.
  • Report any gear damage to the storage officer by email when you return the kayak.

Taking a boat out for the first time

  • Take the kayak out of storage.
  • Put on the hatch covers including the neoprene covers.
  • Put the spray skirt and buoyancy vest on and sit in the kayak.
  • Adjust the foot pegs and rudder so that you can brace properly and turn the rudder. Get someone to hold the rudder vertically and see it turns to the left and right.
  • Practise raising, lowering and turning the rudder.
  • Put the spray skirt on, ensuring the tag is outside the cockpit and within reach.
  • Close your eyes, reach forward and grab the tag and pull the spray skirt off. This will give you the experience of freeing the spray skirt from this kayak if you fall in.
  • Put the spray skirt back on and then go through the routine of releasing it again. Your mind and body are more likely to remember this if you have done it at least twice.
  • Get out of the kayak and carry it to the water. Launch with the kayak afloat, not sitting on the boat ramp.

Returning from a trip - all hirers

  • Wash the kayak outsite, and inside the cockpit.  Sponge the water out of the cockpit.
  • Remove hatch covers and leave in the hatches.
  • Put the kayak back in the rack you took it from.
  • Wash the bouyancy vest and the spray skirt and hang them back up on the left-hand side of the lock to dry.
  • When closing the door, please double check that is it locked securely.

Get in touch

For specific enquiries, contact the relevant committee member/s on the list below.

Written correspondence
P.O. Box 9271 Newmarket, Auckland.